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Focusing for the peculiarly Nineties concern of becoming allergic to everything, Safe is either a significant warning or perhaps a miasma of mindless psycho-babble. Carol White (Julianne Moore) inhabits a tremendous house, from the San Fernando Valley, with your ex husband Greg (Xander Berkeley) and young son Rory (Chauncey Leopardi). The grime and crime of downtown LA can be a world away, as far taken from the antiseptic cleanliness with the Valley as it is possible to become. Surrounded by domestic staff, Carol pretends to become a home-maker but spends almost all of her amount of time in a never-ending circle of coffee-mornings and aerobics sessions. In the constant drive to redecorate a fresh couch is delivered, a product or service which turns out to get black instead of teal. Like a lurking, malicious smudge which won’t disappear, the sofa offends Carol’s sensibilities and simply must go. A trip in to the city soon remedies the condition but, about the freeway home, Carol finds herself trapped behind a smoke-belching truck. Overcome by cardiovascular coughing fit, Carol dives in to a car-park and gradually recovers.

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As the movie winds down we start by getting to find out the labors on the hero visit fruition. We’re either pleased or disappointed furthermore the storyline goes, but in any event we care. As the hero achieves his goals were happy for him so we want to find out what’s going to happen next. But then the movie ends leaving us wanting more.

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